2 Mistakes To Avoid When Preparing Ready-Mix Concrete For Use

If you are getting ready to start a project that involves working with cement, you may have opted to try using ready-mix concrete yourself instead of having someone pour it for you. You may feel that the mix will be easy to use since you only need to mix the concrete with water.

However, although that is basically how you use the mix, there are some things that you should not do when preparing. Below are a couple of mistakes that you should avoid when preparing the ready-mix concrete that could make it difficult or impossible to work with while using it for your project.

1.  Using Hot Water Thinking That It Will Dissolve the Mix Faster

One mistake that you should avoid when it comes time to prepare the mix is to use hot water. You may think that the heat from the water will help the concrete mixture dissolve faster, making it ready to use as quickly as possible.

However, while the hot water may dissolve the mix faster, it will also cause the cement to harden quicker. By the time you go to use it, it will be too stiff to work with, making it necessary to start over. Instead, always use cold water for the mixture.

2.  Adding More Concrete Mix than Water When You First Start Mixing

Another mistake that you should avoid making is adding too much mix and too little water when you first start mixing the cement. You may think that you should put the concrete in the receptacle first then start adding water to thin it out.

However, if you add water to the mixture, the cement will most likely be too dry. It will also develop hard clumps at the start, making it almost impossible to get them out no matter how much water you add.

Instead, start with more water than you think you will need, then add cement while mixing. This will allow for a smoother, more consistent mixture.

For a smoother mixture that does not set up before you can start using it, make sure that you use more cold water than concrete when you start mixing the two together. This will help you ensure that the concrete has a smooth, even consistency when you go to pour it. If you do not feel confident enough to use the mix without wasting it because of improper preparation, contact a concrete contractor like Mershon Concrete who uses ready-mix concrete for further guidance.