Residential Concrete Mudjacking Services Can Lift Your Foundation Or Any Other Sunken Slab

If you're dealing with a sunken concrete slab, whether it's your patio, foundation, sidewalk, or driveway, consider calling a residential concrete mudjacking service to raise the slab and make it level again. Mudjacking is a simple way to raise sunken concrete, and it's much less labor-intensive than busting up the slab to replace it. Here are things you might want to know about residential concrete mudjacking.

Know When Mudjacking Is Suitable

Mudjacking can be done to lift a variety of concrete situations, but it isn't always the best solution for concrete repair, especially when it comes to lifting a foundation.

Start by having a contractor assess your slab to determine if mudjacking is the right approach. If it isn't, they can offer alternative methods of repair. If mudjacking is suitable, the contractor can explain the process so you know what to expect.

Mudjacking Can Close Cracks Too

If the sunken part of the slab cracked, the crack might be leveled out when the sunken area is lifted. Lifting with mudjacking is very precise. The slab can be returned to the horizontal position and checked with a level. This might align the crack perfectly so the crack can be filled and sealed to keep water and bugs out.

Holes Are Drilled And Then Plugged

Mudjacking happens by pumping a mud-like slurry underneath the concrete slab. This requires holes to be drilled in the concrete so the slurry can be injected. Afterward, the holes are plugged with foam material and sealed with cement. This keeps water out of the hole and allows for expansion and contraction of the concrete along with temperature and weather changes.

You May Want A Plumbing Inspection Afterward

If there are plumbing pipes under the slab, the pipes might be damaged due to the slab movement when the slab sank. An easy way to know for sure if your plumbing has damage is to have an inspection done once the slab is lifted. Then you won't have to worry about a possible slab leak due to the slab shifting.

Mudjacking Is An Approved Foundation Repair

If your home has foundation damage that hasn't been repaired, you'll probably have a hard time selling your house. However, mudjacking makes your home ready for the market. You'll have documents showing the repair work was done and the foundation stabilized that you can submit with your home's paperwork.

Residential concrete mudjacking services are fairly quick, but the speed at which the work progresses depends on the size of the sunken slab and how many holes are needed for the injections. You can usually walk on the slab as soon as the work is done, but the contractor may want you to stay off the cement that covers the injection holes until the cement has hardened.