3 Benefits Of Using Precast Concrete On A New Apartment Build

If you're about to start work on a new apartment building, then you have to decide how to use concrete on the site. While you can pour as you work, you can also buy precast concrete. What are the advantages of taking the precast route?

1. Faster Completion Times

Even if your crew has experience in pouring concrete for this kind of build, onsite concreting takes some time. For example, you might have to wait to get the equipment you need on site, especially if you need to hire specialty pumps. You also need to prepare the concrete to get it ready to pour.

Then, you might have to wait for the right weather conditions to pour your concrete. Once poured, the concrete needs time to cure before it is ready.

If you use precast concrete products, then you simply order the concrete you need in a fully-made condition. Once it arrives on site, your crew just has to put it in the right places. As soon as it is installed, that particular part of the job is done. Your crews can work faster.

2. End Product Consistency

Even if you use the same concrete mix on your pours, external factors could affect the finish you get. Different types of weather affect how wet concrete sets and cures. If you are using colored concrete, then you might find it hard to get a consistent color in all the parts of your build.

Plus, you might find it hard to exactly replicate parts. You'll probably use sections of concrete that are the same size and specification in an apartment building project, but you might find it hard to achieve 100% consistency if you pour the concrete yourself.

Precast concrete products are typically more consistent. They should all exactly meet your specifications.

So, if you order colored concrete, every piece should match. Each product should be exactly the right size and shape. Plus, these pieces get an indoor cure that won't affect their finish or strength.

3. Reduced Costs

If you pour concrete on your site, then you'll have a range of costs. You'll need to buy the concrete itself and any equipment you need to work on it. If you'll pour larger areas, then you might need to hire large mixers and pumps to deliver the concrete. You might also need a large crew to work on any concreting jobs you do

If you buy precast concrete, then you could save money. You don't need to buy concrete mixes or equipment, and you won't need to hire large mixers or pumps. You probably won't need to have as many workers on the project, so your labor costs will be lower.

For more information, contact precast concrete suppliers in your area like R. Pepin & Sons Inc. and ask about their services.