How Synthetic Diamond Blades Are Used To Repair Potholes

Asphalt is an amazing material because of how hard it is. However, due to the hardness of asphalt, it can also be difficult to cut through when you need to replace a broken asphalt slab. In the past, asphalt needed diamond blades to be able to cut through the material. However, there are fortunately synthetic diamonds that can also get the job done at a lower cost.

The Characteristics of Asphalt

Asphalt is often used for roads and driveways. It is a material made using hard minerals and is highly durable. Because of how tough it is, it can be difficult to cut through without the use of a sharp cutting tool. It is not as hard as concrete, but the blade needs to be the hard-bonded type.

Patching Damaged Asphalt Slabs

When fixing asphalt potholes, you will first need to remove the damaged portion of asphalt before filling in the pothole. To be able to cut through asphalt, you will need to hire a professional service that cuts asphalt slabs. They will have access to the right equipment and will be able to cut through the slab without causing any accidents.

Why You Need a Professional Service

A professional service will be able to make cuts that are clean and precise. The crew cutting through the asphalt will need to have adequate knowledge of the cutting tool to be able to use it effectively. Otherwise, the asphalt slab will not have a clean cut, and the blade might become damaged in the process.

Techniques Used to Cut Asphalt Slabs

If the project is being carried out indoors, the service will use an electric tool that does not produce fumes. The contractor waits for the blade to start spinning at full speed and then is able to more easily plunge the blade into the asphalt. Unlike when using other methods, the diamond blade will be unlikely to cause cracks in the asphalt.

The contractor will use a combination of the blade and a sledgehammer to break up and remove portions of the asphalt slab when replacing a broken asphalt slab. They will want to leave a jagged edge behind so that there is something to adhere to. Then, the excess dirt and debris will be removed from the pothole. The hole will then be filled with a paver base and it will be smoothed out and compacted. Then, your asphalt slab will be restored.

For more information on asphalt slabs, contact a professional near you.