3 Benefits Of Using Ready-Mix Concrete On Your Construction Site

While you can mix concrete yourself on your construction site, you can also buy a ready-mixed product. Suppliers prepare this concrete off-site and then deliver it to you.

What are the advantages of using this type of concrete?

1. Faster Construction Times

If you mix concrete on your site, then you have to factor additional time into your build. You have to get hold of all the supplies you need to make the concrete. You then have to mix it before it is ready to use. Larger pours might take more time if you have to wait for batches of concrete to be ready.

If you use ready-mix concrete, then the process speeds up. You simply tell your supplier what you need; they then deliver it to your schedule. As soon as the concrete arrives on site, you can start using it. You won't waste any time on mixing, and your concrete jobs will take less time.

2. Consistent Quality

If you mix your own concrete, then you might not be able to maintain consistent quality. Parts of your finished build might not be as strong as you need them to be.

For example, if your crew don't use the right mix of materials every single time they prepare a batch, then your concrete might not meet all the same quality standards. Environmental conditions, such as the weather and ambient temperatures, can also affect mixes and pours.

If you buy ready-mix concrete, then your concrete is prepared in controlled conditions by experts. They can also prepare different mixes for different applications. So, you'll get consistent results, and you won't have to worry about the strength of your finished concrete.

3. Cost Savings

If you mix concrete on-site, then you have to pay for materials and mixing equipment. You'll need to put some of your crew on the mixing job. This adds to your labor costs. You might have to divert workers from other jobs on the project to get your concrete ready. This could delay your schedule of work. You might end up with schedule cost overruns.

If you buy ready-mix concrete, then you could save money. You won't have to buy materials or equipment. You simply wait for your delivery and then put a crew on the pouring work. This could reduce your overall costs, help your budget, and keep you on track.

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