Sunken Area On Your Concrete Driveway? Use Concrete Leveling Instead Of Replacing It

If you have a concrete driveway that has a sunken area, this needs to be repaired. One option is replacing the entire driveway. If you want a less invasive option, you can use concrete leveling to repair the driveway.  Below is information on how this works and some of the benefits it offers you. 

Concrete Leveling

With concrete leveling, the concrete contractor drills holes on the surface of the driveway in the sunken area. They then pump a slurry (a mixture of water, sand, and cement) into the holes. They may also pump foam into the holes, which will expand on its own. They continue pumping the slurry or the foam until the sunken area is raised and even with the rest of the driveway. Once finished, you must wait a few hours for the slurry to completely dry before you start using the driveway again. The contractor will tell you how long you should wait. 

Concrete Leveling Benefits

Concrete leveling offers many benefits. If there were any cracks on the driveway in the sunken area, leveling the concrete may repair these. This also results in less damage to your yard because no heavy equipment has to be used. With concrete leveling, the contractor can park their truck in front of your home instead of in your yard. The only thing that will be on the lawn is a pressure hose, but this will not cause damage. 

Leveling your concrete driveway instead of replacing it can save you a lot of money. A brand-new driveway is not only expensive, but you also must pay for labor costs. To replace a driveway, a company first must demolish the current driveway, remove the debris, and then start the process of installing the new driveway. 

As the homeowner, you may be liable for someone getting injured on your property. If your concrete is not level, someone could fall and injure themselves. If so, you may be required to pay medical bills, etc. If your concrete is even, it reduces the chances of someone becoming injured. 

Leveling your concrete means your driveway may last a lot longer for you. After they have leveled your concrete, the foam or the slurry will solidify, which makes the foundation for your concrete driveway even stronger. 

Talk with a concrete contractor about concrete leveling and they can tell you more about how this works and how it can benefit you.