Residential Vs. Commercial Concrete Contractors: What Is The Difference?

You must consider the work type if you want a concrete contractor for your project. For example, you'll need a residential expert for your home projects. But, a commercial contractor is better suited for your business concrete projects. Differences between the two determine the suitability of each for different projects.

This article contrasts residential and commercial concrete contractors.

Project Management

Most residential projects are small, so project management may not be necessary. But, project management is crucial in high-traffic parking lots and other commercial concrete projects. In this light, commercial concrete contractors usually have more staff to manage your project. Project management tasks that concrete contractors ensure for your commercial project include:

  • Backup plans for situations where pieces of equipment destroy clients' property.
  • Contingency plans to ensure minimal disruption of business activities.
  • Risk mitigation plans and techniques for accidents and unfortunate ordeals.

You may only need to work with one concrete contractor for residential projects. So, their roles and responsibilities are well-defined. But, commercial concrete contractors take on project management to provide clear accountability lines. Also, because there may be subcontractors, confusion about who makes the decisions reduces. 

Insurance Limits

Your residential concrete contractor can handle your home's concrete projects but not your business ones. The reason is that commercial concrete contractors have a higher insurance limit. On the flip side, residential concrete contractors have lower limits. So, commercial concrete contractors have a liability limit to handle large-scale projects.

Further, commercial jobs are more expensive than residential tasks. Also, the damage that happens if anything goes wrong with the project is costlier. So, the concrete contractor company that takes on commercial projects handles higher risks.

Cost and Payments

The charges for commercial concrete contractors are higher than for residential tasks. The difference in charges stems from labor, equipment, and overhead costs. For instance, the number of subcontractors needed for commercial jobs is more. So, you pay a higher total price for commercial concrete contractor services.

Payment for residential concrete contractors is simple and doesn't involve many decision-makers. Therefore, the process takes a shorter time. On the other hand, the payment procedures for commercial contractors apply lengthy protocols. For instance, the process takes longer if third parties will fund the project.

The expertise of residential and commercial contractors varies due to the different tasks. Your project may also need different technology if the scope is broader. So, your favorite residential contractor may not take on other tasks at your business. The good part is that reputable concrete contractors can tell you if the project is beyond their scope. For more information, contact a concrete contractor near you.