Signs That The Foundation Under Your Home Needs Some Repair

Owning a home comes with many challenges, and there are always things you need to be aware of. The foundation under your house is essential to supporting the structure properly, and there are some things you may notice that may point to the need for foundation repair.

Sagging Floors

Older homes often suffer from floors that are sagging or lower in one area than the rest of the house. Low spots can indicate a lack of support for the building and can be caused by a foundation problem that you are unaware of. As the foundation settles, the doors in the house may also become hard to open and close, and windows may become difficult to operate.  

A foundation repair contractor may need to inspect the foundation under the home to see if there is any damage or if something else is causing the sag. If a section of your foundation is settling differently than the rest, you may see some areas inside the home that begin to sag or develop low spots.

The contractor will need access to the foundation and will go over it completely, looking for issues that can cause it to settle or ground conditions that may be a problem if not addressed. 

Foundation Damage

Cracks and other damage to your home's foundation can be a significant problem. Groundwater can get in through openings and cause further damage to the stone and block used to build the structure. In some situations, what appear to be tiny micro-cracks in the foundation can cause the house to shift and move slightly. 

The foundation repair service may also find areas where water is already coming through the foundation wall. If you have a basement under your home, you may see pooling or moisture in your basement, which could eventually lead to issues like mold or mildew growing. 

Cracks in the foundation are often easy to fix, but having a professional foundation repair service look over the entire foundation, and note any problem areas is an excellent place to start. 

Foundation Repair

The foundation repair service you choose can add concrete or repoint the blocks used to create your foundation when necessary. In extreme cases, the old foundation has so much damage that the house must be jacked up and supports added under the home while a new foundation is constructed to support the house.

Replacing the foundation is no small task, so if the damage is so severe that you need a new foundation, be ready to deal with a few weeks of work and the potential to have your home on jacks and supports while the work is ongoing.

For more information about foundation repair, contact a local contactor.