Parking Lot Striping: Keys To Success For Property Owners

If you own a commercial property with a parking lot, you may need to have its spaces striped. This type of maintenance isn't that hard to deal with, especially if you stick to these rules.

Fill in Holes 

Before you use a striper to create lines on your parking lot, it's a good idea to first examine this space. Look at it up close to check for possible issues. Holes can drastically interfere with the striping quality you can achieve, which is why this step is important.

If you spot some, make sure you get an asphalt filler product that's high-quality and easy to use. Then you can adequately prepare the damaged area and ensure striping plays out a lot smoother than it would if the holes were left where they are. If you don't have the means to fill in holes around your parking lot, you can hire a paving contractor. 

Find a Striper That's Precise

The machine that you'll use to create lines around your parking lot is known as a striper. You can find a lot of different models to perform this task, but the most important attribute to focus on is striping precision.

The more precise this machine is, the straighter your parking space lines will turn out. This isn't just important for the aesthetics of your property, but for the safety of it as well. After all, customers will rely on these lines to park straight and thus not get into accidents around your property.

Decide Between New Lines and Cover-Ups

When it comes to striping a parking lot, you can either add new lines or cover up the existing ones. You need to decide which path to take because it will affect how you approach parking lot striping. A thorough inspection can help you decide conclusively. 

If you see that your parking lot is in bad condition, then you may want to have it resurfaced entirely. In that case, you'll just need to add new lines around this space. Whereas if the parking lot is in pretty good shape still, you might be able to just stripe over lines that have become faded over time.

Striping is something you'll have to do eventually if you own property with a parking lot. As long as you plan out this maintenance carefully and use the right equipment, you shouldn't have a hard time creating lines that look vibrant and professional. 

For more information on parking lot striping, contact a contractor.