What Affects The Cost Of Installing Concrete Driveways?

Damaged driveways give a wrong impression of you or your business. Therefore, you should upgrade them by installing new concrete driveways. This is a significant investment since concrete driveways are durable, easy to maintain, and eco-friendly, and they can withstand heavy vehicles. In addition, they can be customized to improve your property's curb appeal. The installation cost varies, and here are the main things that will influence it.

1. The Surface Area of the Driveways

Concrete driveways vary in length and width. Generally, you can customize the driveways depending on the size of your property and the space available. Typically, the larger the size of the driveway, the more concrete and labor will be required, which means the installation cost will be relatively high. Conversely, if you want a small driveway, the contractor will likely use less concrete and minimal labor to complete the project, keeping the overall cost down.

2. Finish and Customization

Concrete driveways may be plain, colored, stained, stamped, exposed aggregate, and more. You may also ask the concrete contractor to customize the driveways to match your property finishes or landscape. A plain concrete driveway will typically cost less to install, while those with unique finishes or customizations will cost more. In addition, cement driveways with unique finishes and customizations will require expertise, additional supplies, and more labor to build.

3. Thickness

Note that the thickness of the pavement will determine the cost of the entire concrete paving project. The thickness of the pavement is directly proportional to the amount of concrete used. A standard residential driveway should be lighter than a commercial driveway. If you want to install a thick driveway, you will spend more money than a person installing a standard residential driveway of the same size.

4. Site Preparation

Before installing the driveway, the contractor will prepare the site. They will harden the surface and soil to support the concrete paving. The project cost will be relatively higher if your site needs too much preparation work. For example, if your site has tree roots or is water-logged, a lot of work and resources will be required to ensure the concrete driveway is well-installed and lasts longer. Therefore, get ready to spend more on the project.

Concrete driveways can transform your property, but you must hire an experienced concrete contractor to install them for you. The paving experts will install the concrete driveways correctly and share tips to ensure the driveways serve you for the longest time.

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